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Following our maths project about Rome and travelling there, we decided we wanted to find out even more about the Romans in Theme, in particular looking at how they invaded other places. We started by looking at this image ... we looked out to see (More)
Here are the photos from our Geography Communicate session with 5L. We shared handmade pizzas with them in order to communicate what we had learned about: Each layer of the earth What tectonic plates are The role of tectonic plates in moun (More)
lmcnaught wrote: Start of the Stone Age
In theme we are starting to look at what life was like for people in the Stone Age. The first Stone Age started a long long time ago and we have been learning about world history and B.C.E time. To find out more about the history of the world w (More)
Miss Wardle wrote: Theme Eco House TASC
https://www.the-neighbourhood.com/work/projects/eco-house Year 6 have been using inspiration from Gary Neville's 'Eco House' to create their own ecologically sustainable house. After gathering all the information we can from different stimuli, (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Theme - Earthquake News Reports
Key Question: What causes Earthquakes and what damage can Earthquakes cause? We found out that earthquakes are all to do with plate tectonics. Once we understood how earthquakes are caused, we split into groups to research a recent earthquake and (More)
This afternoon we began our new theme topic, the Ancient Egyptians! We explored different themes such as Egyptian food, hieroglyphics, Tutankhamun, pyramids, Egyptian Gods and mummification! As we explored each area, we made notes on the IPad, (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Theme - making mountains
Key question: how are mountains formed? We have been learning about how mountains are made and the different types of mountain across the world. After a knowledge burst on the main mountain types (fault block, dome, volcanic, fold and plateau), we (More)
We are going to start our new History theme, but I would like to know your interests and ideas! It must be a HISTORY topic and it can be based on: British History An Ancient Civilisation ( The history of a famous leader or ruler Hist (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Theme - Google Expeditions
We visited volcanoes from all over the world today! We even visited one in space, the largest one in our solar system: Olympic Mons on Mars! How did we do all this without leaving Lime Tree? Virtual reality of course!   Google came to visi (More)
In a previous blog post we explained how we has been using the TASC wheel in our theme lessons to answer the question: Why did the Shang Dynasty come to an end? This week we have continued with the "decide" aspect of the TASC wheel by looki (More)