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The children got stuck into their learning this week and enjoyed all the challenges along the way. In English the children learned to write a play script. We read an extract of the text from our current narrative, The Dark Is Rising by Susan Coope (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: Theme - The Amazing Nile
This week we started our new Theme. We started by looking at google earth and exploring the Nile. We learnt some new key vocabulary... Egypt, Nile, Africa, Continent, River, pharaoh, we read some key facts about the Nile and these facts insp (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Theme - latitude and longitude
Key question: How were biomes discovered? Skill: Identify the position and significance of: latitude longitude the Equator Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn Arctic and Antarcti (More)
lmcnaught wrote: Timelines
In theme we haven been looking at timelines and trying to understand how our period of history, the Stone Age, fits into the history of the whole world! We made a giant timeline in our classroom and learnt about chronology, B.C.E and A.D Th (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: Theme - Lascaux Cave
In Theme this week, we addressed one of our key questions. We had wondered why the Stone Age people did cave paintings. We observed some of these paintings and made our own predictions about them. We felt that they showed how they hunted. To th (More)
We began our Theme topic about the world's biomes this week. https://youtu.be/hIy0ZlyPPDg After watching the above stimulus video, we were challenged to choose animals that would live in the same place as each other and use our existing knowled (More)