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Miss Mohamadi wrote: Science TASC - Dessert Making
In Science, we were given the challenge of creating our own desserts that used a change of state in order to be made. Today was the day! Our chance to make these desserts. Throughout the lesson we were using terminology we had learnt - we could se (More)
Today we communicated our E Books with Year 4L. We got feedback from them and wrote this onto our TASC wheel. Here we are sharing our work... Here are our E-Books , click the link below to view. Then, comment on what we have learnt, (More)
Today we concluded our Theme on The Persians and their Empire. We created our own Digital E Books presenting information on what we wanted to find out. We followed the TASC wheel to help us (see our Theme books for more info). Here we are shar (More)
Mr Martin wrote: What is the TASC wheel?
On Monday when we created our own "Stay Safe Trick or Treating Rules" we learned to create them as a class using the TASC wheel. TASC stands for Thinking Actively in a Social Context The "Social Context" is in school and together in groups (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Science - our Sound song!
It's time to apply the TASC wheel to our Science learning! We have Gathered and Organised lots of knowledge about Sound in our Science books, Identified the task as providing the lyrics to a new song for Cruz Beckham, so now we are Implementing! (Thi (More)