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We are really excited because this week in English we have started writing our own story based on the BFG! Before we started we had a look at the start of Miss McNaught's story. Because she was SO tired when we did it she had made lots of mistakes (More)
Yesterday in English we had some special guests come to visit us... Sophie and the BFG! We had prepared some questions for them and found out some really interesting things! Apparently the BFG is 675, and Sophie sleeps in a little drawer in (More)
Today we started our new story in Literacy. The Witches by Roald Dahl. We had to go and gather resources from the ground outside and put them into our cauldron to make our own magical potion. We had to think creatively about what our potion wou (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Literacy - The Witches Stimulus
Our spooky Literacy genre got off to an exciting start today, as we made our own potions from natural materials in the school grounds. We worked in small teams to decide on what powers our potion had and to collect and mix its ingredients. We used th (More)