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We found a great way to keep cool and hydrated during the heat, while practising Maths skills at the same time this week: making cocktails!   Not only did we need to measure accurately using partially numbered scales, we also had to conver (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Maths - Spaceships Project
To help us learn about coordinates and plotting and translating shapes on a grid we have been designing a new, updated version of Battleships, with a Space theme!   We have learned how to plot coordinates in the first quadrant, and some of (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: Maths - Coordinates Games
In maths, we were given the task of designing our own coordinates game... We learnt all about negative numbers, reading coordinates, plotting coordinates and also understanding line graphs. We then played some different games to help us c (More)
Mr Martin wrote: Collecting data
Today we collected some information about the shoe size of children in our class. We created our own real life pictogram! Can you tell which is the most popular shoe size? Which is the least popular shoe size? Can you even tell which shoe si (More)
lmcnaught wrote: A shocking discovery....!
There has been a shocking discovery in Year 3... there is a biscuit thief! Not only have they stolen some of Miss McNaught's biscuits from her snack draw, Mr Martin's chocolate biscuits have gone missing too! They've even been caught on CCTV! (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: 3D Shapes - Explain Everything
This week in maths we started a new project. We are going to be making some easter baskets to give as easter gifts, these will have mini eggs in them. First, we learnt all about the properties of 3D shapes. We found out that 3D shapes have faces, (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: Year 4L's Game Show
This week, we have been developing our division skills. We have found that when solving division problems independently, we found remember the method quite tricky. We practiced division facts and bus stop division, here is a reminder for bus stop (More)
lmcnaught wrote: 3D Shapes
This week in maths we have started learning about 2D and 3D shapes! We tried to model some 3D shapes in our lesson. This was trickier that we had thought as the spaghetti quite fragile! Have a look at what we managed to create! (More)
lmcnaught wrote: Active Maths
This week we have made the most of the sunshine ☀️ and got outside to do some active Maths! We practiced our times tables and and had some races to see how fast we could remember them! (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: Make me a Smoothie
Over this last week, we have been learning all about capacity. Capacity is the measure of volume, or space inside of a container. We measure the volume or capacity of liquids. We learnt that there are imperial units (Pints and Gallons) and abou (More)
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