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The children got stuck into their learning this week and enjoyed all the challenges along the way. In English the children learned to write a play script. We read an extract of the text from our current narrative, The Dark Is Rising by Susan Coope (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: Maths - What a maze
For our maths this term, we were given the following project... We learnt some new vocabulary. Rotate, parallel, perpendicular, 90 degrees, right, left, angle, horizontal, vertical we tried using this vocabulary to direct our friends aro (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: Maths - Wonka’s Wonder Mix!
All our fractions learning over the last couple of weeks came to a head today, when we applied all our new skills to present our recommendations for a new bag of mix-up sweets for Mr Wonka! We are proud of ourselves for calculating equivalent fractio (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: A sweet fractions challenge
We had a very productive first Maths lesson to kick-start our new application project all about fractions today!   Our challenge is to help Willa Wonka launch a perfectly proportioned bag of mix-up sweets to rival his competitors! We need (More)
lmcnaught wrote: Column addition
we have been practicing our column addition in lots of different ways and testing each other to see what we have learnt! Im sure if you asked us at home we could add two 3 digit numbers together! Have a look at some of our fantastic maths work (More)
lmcnaught wrote: Place Value
We have been doing loads of work this week on place value in preparation for our class raffle and we have learnt so many new skills and practiced ones we already we knew! Now we can partition 3 digit numbers and explain the value of each digit: (More)
As part of our Maths application around addition skills, we have been generating 2 digit numbers to partition ourselves. The following photographs show just some of the ways we have generated our own numbers to partition. In our books, we have bee (More)
This week in maths we have started a new project. This was our project outline... We started by recapping g on what we knew about Hundreds , Tens and Ones. We practised making and reading different numbers. Once we were confident in this (More)
cwood wrote: Meeting Martin...
Martin wants to make the most out of his visit... It seems that he needs some help with his adding up before he can return home. Luckily for him, in Year 2T we have some very talented and enthusiastic mathematicians who are more than capable of (More)