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lmcnaught wrote: Spellings this week
This week in spelling we are focussing on spellings that we find hard or don't always get right. We are practicing them in lots of different ways, and these are easy to practice at home too! This morning, for example, we looked through our Engl (More)
Mr Martin wrote: The Wizard of Oz
  We have already started our new writing project! We are writing a story inspired by the Wizard of Oz. What did we do to help us begin our story? If you were wearing a pair of magic shoes what wish would you wish for? If the (More)
lmcnaught wrote: Super similes!!
In English we have been starting to look at the character of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and thinking of lots of different ways to describe him! On Monday we particularly focussed on using similes in our writing and have come up with some fantast (More)
This week we will be finishing our work on words with the /eɪ/ sound spelt ‘ei’ (vein), ‘eigh’ (eight), ‘aigh’ (straight), ‘ey’ (they), 'ai' (sail), 'ay' (pray) and 'a_e' split digraph (cake). We will be practicing spelling wor (More)
A young girl is missing..our police investigators are ready to analyse the evidence! First we checked out the physical evidence and tried to infer what might have happened and to who. We know that two sets of eyes are better than one, so, (More)
Miss Reynolds wrote: Alma: Setting Description!
Look at the images below from Alma and think about what adjectives you would use to describe the setting. Could you use personification, similes or metaphors to describe the snow falling? Can you write an opening sentence with your ideas? Gi (More)
Yesterday in English we had some special guests come to visit us... Sophie and the BFG! We had prepared some questions for them and found out some really interesting things! Apparently the BFG is 675, and Sophie sleeps in a little drawer in (More)
We started our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory story writing by having a visit from an unhealthy character who eats too much chocolate! We read part of the story that told us all about Augustus Gloop and learned how to identify adjectives (More)
Mr Martin wrote: Roald Dahl Day
In our first English lessons last week we celebrated Roald Dahl on his birthday the 13th September.  We went on a treasure hunt down the avenue and found out facts about him. Next we learned that a Biography is a true story of someone's l (More)
We used the summary of Kensuke's Kingdom to figure out the key events in the book. Next we sequenced our events and created comic strips on Comic Life including key settings. After completing our comic strips, we used a drama technique called, Fre (More)