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This week we will be looking at the use of apostrophes in our spellings. We will be thinking about when to use an apostrophe for a contraction and when to use one for possession. Here are some of our favourite Horrid Henry books that use an apo (More)
We got a real shock this morning - Mrs Robertson had aged us by at least 60 years! We used this as the stimulus for our next genre, stories with flashbacks, and considered what we hoped we'd remember when we looked back over long and rich (More)
lmcnaught wrote: A shocking discovery....!
There has been a shocking discovery in Year 3... there is a biscuit thief! Not only have they stolen some of Miss McNaught's biscuits from her snack draw, Mr Martin's chocolate biscuits have gone missing too! They've even been caught on CCTV! (More)
Today in English we practiced writing sentences that linked together and flowed within a story. We thought about phrases that we could use to link sentences together and remembered to use fantastic adjectives and verbs! These were the pictures (More)
This week has been an intense week of editing and improving our story. We have worked so hard to create our own Fractured Fairytale and this week we made some changes. First, we proof read - checking for any errors. Then we edited - making change (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: English - peer feedback
Here are some photographs of the beginnings of our fractured fairytale narratives. Can you provide the writers with some specific, constructive feedback? (More)
Here we are going "Into the Woods" for our English stimulus! Our new genre is Fractured Fairytales - we found fragments of fairytales all over Lomax Wood and discovered that the characters and themes had become intertwined to create exciting new stor (More)
We have now started our new book for this half term... Stig of the Dump! The story is about a boy who goes exploring a wood, falls down an old chalk pit and meets a Stone Age character called Stig! This book links reallly well to our theme where w (More)
This week we have been working incredibly hard on editing and proofing our work. We learnt that to proof we must read each sentence carefully for mistakes in punctuation, spelling and grammar. We learnt that to edit we could change aspects of (More)
lmcnaught wrote: To be or not to be...!
Shakespeare is one of the most famous British authors and this week in English we are looking at some of his work and finding out about his life! We have loved finding out about the life of Shakespeare and Miss McNaught was really impressed by all (More)