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The children got stuck into their learning this week and enjoyed all the challenges along the way. In English the children learned to write a play script. We read an extract of the text from our current narrative, The Dark Is Rising by Susan Coope (More)
Miss Mohamadi wrote: Hetty Feather - English
This week we started our new text in English. We are going to be writing a Victorian story inspire by Jaqueline Wilson's Hetty Feather. We started the lesson by being given a new name (our Foundling name). We were then marched into our Victoria (More)
lmcnaught wrote: The Tempest
Our new book that we are studying in English is really exciting because we are learning about one of the most famous writers; William Shakespeare! We didn't know much about William Shakespeare but after our fact hunt, look how much we know now! (More)
At the beginning of this week we had a giant surprise left in our classroom! We had a giant letter from the BFG! We have been inspired to write our own fantasy stories inspired by the BFG... we have doing some amazing writing this we (More)
Mr Martin wrote: Remembrance Day
The whole school observed two minutes silence on Friday morning in memory of all of those that have lost their lives in wars in years gone by. As a class we read two poems; In Flanders Fields by Major John McRae and The Soldier by Louise Greig. (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: A billion dollar stimulus!
Our latest English narrative genre, humorous fiction, has been inspired by David Walliams’ heart-warming and laugh-out-loud book, Billionaire Boy.   To get us in a Joe Spud frame of mind, we enjoyed a shower of money and put our minds to (More)
In English we have been trying to generate adjectives that fit into different categories. We have been focussing on adjectives to do with colour, shape and texture to give variety to our character descriptions. We made faces on the table with (More)
In english we are reading a book called Kid Normal about a boy who ends up at superhero school! We have been learning about nouns and adjectives to make sure we can describe our superhero as well as possible! Check out these superhero lollystic (More)
Mrs Robertson wrote: English - A magical mission!
What an exciting start our English sessions have got off to! We discovered a trail of shiny objects around the school and used our detective skills to work out that the 'something' that had caused it did not belong to the Muggle world... We we (More)
This week we have started to consider what our characters are going to be like. We came up with some fantastic personalities. Here we are pretending to be our character... As part of this, we talked about the difference between NOUNS, ADJEC (More)