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Here are the photos from our Geography Communicate session with 5L. We shared handmade pizzas with them in order to communicate what we had learned about: Each layer of the earth What tectonic plates are The role of tectonic plates in moun (More)
We explored what happens underground to cause a volcanic eruption and broke it down into step by step explanations. To communicate what we have learned, we developed a dance motif to show each of these steps in sequence. Some of us narrated our da (More)
Today we concluded our Theme on The Persians and their Empire. We created our own Digital E Books presenting information on what we wanted to find out. We followed the TASC wheel to help us (see our Theme books for more info). Here we are shar (More)
What a treat! 4L have come to communicate what they have learned about the Persian Empire! They have made iBooks to share what they've learned and we provided them with feedback about how they presented theĀ us in the form of a PMI (pluses, interesti (More)